brocca - social language learning in vr (IN PROGRESS)

Team: Rayna Allonce, Gabrielle Gayles, Swarnakshi Kapil, & Molly Vierhile
(February 2019 - May 2019)


As UX Designer, I conducted experience prototyping, spoke to users to identify and storyboard needs, lead ideation and wireframing sessions, built low to hi-fi screens for VR, and created prototype animations.


Learning a new language can be extremely exciting and rewarding; it exposes people not only to new words, but also to new cultures. However, learning a new language to the point of fluency is very difficult In fact, less than 1% of American adults are proficient in a language they studied in school.

Though language-learning apps like Babel and DuoLingo are extremely popular, they aren’t effective enough on their own to help users become fluent.

To tackle this, during the course of three months my team researched, designed, and prototyped Brocca, a VR social language learning platform that facilitates learning foreign languages and cultures in an immersive context.

Immersion, social interaction, and cultural context are key factors in language absorption. So, our team created a VR Social Language Learning app.